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The long anticipated Re-Launch issue is packed with amazing content by several exciting new contributors including Erin Funk, Rebecca Bender, LouAnn Stropoli, Elaina Newton, Melinda Thompson, Chelsea Hudnall and more! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed watching it come to life. Bookmark it, Like it and Share it on all of your social media accounts! Thank you so much for all of your support. Be sure to subscribe for news, updates, new contributor information and members only newsletters full of exclusive links, pages, stories and first looks! Plus, get the In The Know Newsletter, allowing you to subscribe to the Print Issues, coming soon!


SDE Magazine Cover-Issue 8

JUST RELEASED: Issue #8 Summer 2015

The Summer 2015 Issue #8 is here! Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends. A special thank you to Jaylynn Miramontes for sharing her incredible story and to her super talented husband Servando Miramontes for his beautiful photography. I would also like to thank Mina West for allowing us to […]

Jaylynn: Breaking The Cycle Of Obesity

This entry is part of 15 in the series Motivational Monday

This entry is part of 15 in the series Motivational Monday“Obesity runs in my family. One of my biggest idols, my grandmother, weighed in at around 350lbs for most of her life. I spent most of my childhood around my grandmother, which resulted in me adapting her unhealthy relationship with food. We had weekly family […]

Friends In Deed: Book Review

This entry is part of 5 in the series C.J. Anaya Book Reviews

This entry is part of 5 in the series C.J. Anaya Book ReviewsFriends In Deed By Randall Dale Genre:  Western, Christian Fiction We fell in love with the young, hard-working Richardson family from Clovis, New Mexico and their good friend Jake, the artist, in Dale’s first book, Cowboy Up. Dale continues his fast paced writing in the […]