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  Are you willing to share your story?  What if there is another woman or girl who is in desperate need of having her soul touched, her efforts encouraged, or a hope in danger of being lost renewed? What if there is someone out there who needs your story to know that she is not […]

New Artwork Posted to the SDE Store!

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Check out the new prints and other SDE swag at our Society 6 store! Three new inspirational designs, hot off the press.     

A Worthy Cause

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Join Skin Deep Exposures Magazine as we support Twice Cleansed in the fight against human sex trafficking! Twice Cleansed, Inc. was established in 2011 in Portland, Oregon. Hearts in Harvest is the manufacturer based in Lebanon that creates small scale factories to provide jobs with dignity in at-risk communities. The goal is to assist in […]

We Have A New Blog!

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The Skin Deep Exposures Magazine blog has a new home on! Don’t miss out on all of the new developments going on at Skin Deep Exposures Magazine this year!  Join us as we look forward to: – New sponsors and partners – Welcoming brand new authors and artists from around the globe – […]


About Skin Deep Exposures

A CALL TO ACTION: In a world where the beauty of an individual is often judged purely by what can be seen from the outside, it is important to be able to look inside to find true and lasting beauty. When that beauty is realized, a self-worth emerges that cannot be taken from us. It brings strength and a magic unlike any other that shines through and becomes an inspiration to those around us.

THE WHY: There is no denying physical attractiveness. There are people in the world who are extremely pleasant to look at. They are the faces coveted for the cover of magazines, ad campaigns and commercials. But those faces, those photographs we see in mainstream media, [most of which have been manipulated and air brushed into something fantastical] do they hold the key to what it means to be beautiful? Is that the real life standard that we are to hold ourselves up against? Each of us has been created in such a unique way. The cookie- cutter mold that we are encouraged to cram ourselves into eventually becomes a prison of either shame or false pretense.

We have so much more to offer beyond the outside packaging! Why does our outward appearance so often become our quantifying quality? We often become weighed down from a young age by the perceptions of who and what we should look like and we find ourselves constantly falling short. As we develop, we don’t know how to see ourselves for who we really are. Our appearance is constantly changing, yet we are encouraged to throw all of our eggs in that basket even as we are all but guaranteed front row seats to its gradual unraveling. It is no wonder that crippling insecurity haunts so many women and girls. For the most part, many of us have no idea who we are. There are so many complex layers that make us the daughter, the sister, the wife, the mother, the friend who is loved and cherished by those around us. What we look like on the outside is always changing, often outside of our control. As we live in the insecurity of that change, we pass a message of unhealthy identity onto the next generation.

We would like to make it clear that we are under no impression that we are making some sort of novel breakthrough here. This is an issue that has been recognized and fought against on many a battleground! We do not presume to think that through this humble project we will somehow change the world, that is not our goal.

The goal is simply to affect a handful of lives, giving a few women a small nudge in discovering themselves and emitting that discovery to those around them. We hope to inspire a few to become an example to those watching them, learning from them and developing a sense of identity in regards to them.